Summer 2014/5 on Northerly


We’ve had a couple of fabulous months with Northerly based in Sydney over summer.  She was moored in Empire Marina in Bobbin Head which was perfect for accessing Pittwater – although a bit of a pain to drive to Bobbin Head from home…..  Still, at least when we got there we felt we were already on holidays….

Our first weekend away was with Tom and Jacqui in Yeomans Bay – lots of leaping from the roof (it was 40 degrees….) and drinking champagne……  Northerly is fabulous for entertaining – so much space…..



We spent a week before Christmas in Sydney Harbour (to make getting Amelia to rowing at 5.30am at The Spit easier).  She invited a bunch of friends on board a few times and they had a great time exploring in the tender.


We also rafted up with Thackrays – we always love boating with them.  As usual – lots of sitting around eating and drinking too much – with lots of laughs!

One afternoon/night we had the Thackrays, Bishops and Rossis aboard for a proper “christening” of Northerly.  A very big afternoon and night was had by all……..

A fun week was spent in January rafted up with Thackrays and Bishops in Yeomans Bay – Northerly’s roof a great platform for both launching into the water and for star gazing at night. I’m mastering mojhitos for pre-dinner drinks – loving having a Thermomix aboard……  We also caught up with Tim and Jo M and had a fun night on the Morgan’s boat.  Jane and Spot came up for a couple of days as well.  We missed Mia – who was away on rowing camp – but loved being able to sleep-in!  Mark, Imi and I had one gorgeous day at Patonga – swimming, lying in the sun reading and lunch at the Patonga Hotel – loved it!

Our last summer in Sydney event was the Australia Day weekend – rafted up with Thackrays (in Phoebe) and Bishops (in Corinthia) and Lawson’s in Sugarloaf.  We took the tender to the Rossi’s pool in Northbridge for swims – perfect location for that!  We also had lunch one day with Titch and Melinda Graham and Michael and Shelley Richardson – who arrived in their boat.  We collected Pip (on crutches) to join us for a day.  The weather was gorgeous for the first couple of days, but rainy and cold on Australia Day itself – although that didn’t stop us standing on the back deck of Corinthia to sing the anthem at midday.