16/11/2014. Delivering Northerly to her new home in Sydney

After a month or so in Brisbane and the Gold Coast getting some minor work done, we figured it was time to bring Northerly home so we can enjoy her in and around Sydney over summer.

Mark, Spot, Jane and I (Tina) set off from RQYS at 11.30am on Sunday 16th November.  The first day was a bit lumpy, but pretty good overall. It was my first proper sea voyage – and I must admit to starting to feel queasy by early evening. After taking DR John Curry’s miraculous sea sick pills, I felt much better- although wasn’t much help to the rest of the crew due to excessive sleepiness. It probably didn’t help that I boarded already pretty sleep deprived and sick. By the time we arrived in Sydney I’d had more sleep than I’d had in 2 weeks and felt great- the rest of the crew were pretty exhausted after having to share constant watch duty for 48 hours with no help from me……

On Monday we anchored briefly for a fresh prawn, steak and salad lunch (fabulous catering by Mark) at Trial Bay, just south of Scotts Head. We enjoyed a bottle of wine and had a swim – a gorgeous, protected spot for a break. This is when I could really get a feel for what a fantastic boat Northerly will be for summer holidays. She always has somewhere to sit protected from the wind (if any)- fantastic outdoor space for lounging and swimming.

We arrived at Bobbin Head (Empire Marina) at 9am Tuesday. Successful delivery ! Plus, during the trip I learnt heaps about how things work on Northerly- how the anchoring works, how to work all the interior appliances etc. Mark and I are both really excited that we can now spend time on her in holiday mode!

Sunset off NSW coast on 16 November, 2014