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Sept-November, 2015

We spent a fun 4 days in Sydney Harbour on Northerly with the Thackray’s (Jac, Paul and Phoebe) in September.  We had terrible weather so we hunkered down in Bantry Bay and did nothing but eat, drink, play games, read and sleep.  Northerly was like a capsule none of us stepped outside as every time we considered it – it would start pouring again!

On our last night we went back to The Spit and had dinner at Chiosco (joined by Claudia).  We tried to pretend we were somewhere exotic – and I guess in a way, we were!

Mia has started rowing again in earnest – from The Spit, so she’s regularly spent Friday night since September onboard with other rowers so they can walk across to the Rowing Shed on Sat mornings.  This is a fabulous thing for the girls (who have fun getting dinner together and having a mass sleepover) as well as parents – who have 1 less morning to get up at 5am for the drive to the Shed…..  Mia’s starting to think of Northerly as her own apartment……